Bombshells All-Star Dance Team
Monthly Fee: $140
Season: April/May 2012 - April/May 2013

Anyone can sign up, be aware once the teams are set, there are no available spaces for new dancers.

You get (3 hours for ages 5 and older, 2 hours for ages 3-4) of Class That Include:  
1 Technique Class/Week
1 Rehearsal Class/Week

This program is designed to engage youths in a healthy activity promoting community, sportsmanship, team work, leadership skills and a drive for excellence. Dancers will be trained so that they may continue on to college and professional dance/spirit teams. This team will perform and compete nationally and internationally depending upon their level. This is an opportunity to get intensive technique and precision training. Dancers and their family are expected to have a high level of dedication to the team.

3-4 year olds
Mon 6:00-7:00 All-Star Squad
Sat 10:30-11:15 Ballet/Tap

5-10 year olds:
Mon 4:30-5:30  Stretch & Strengthening 
Thurs 6:00-6:45 Jazz
Thurs 6:45-7:45 All-Star Squad

Ages 11 and Up:
Mon 4:30-6:00 Stretch & Strengthening
Fri 5;30-6:30 Jazz
Fri 6:30-7;30 All-Star Squad

Fri 4:00-5:00