Merca'e's Dance Company

MDC is a private dance company that takes all levels of dancers and trains them with preprofessional intentions. These dancers will perform and compete nationally and internationally depending upon their level. Not only will they be trained with competitive usage in mind, these dancers will be sent to specially chosen auditions and be encouraged to grow outside of the studio.
This Company trains dancers how to become profitable adults. They learn clarity of speech for auditions, sportsmanship, teamwork, and work ethic. Each dancer will be educated to handle high pressure situations and problem solving skills essential for artists.

Monthly Fee: $100
Required Additional Classes:
-Extra Curricular Style (hip hop, contemporary, lyrical, tap, etc)

These classes do not have to be with MDC Steps Ahead, but we do want documentation proving the student is fulfilling the required class hours should the student be taking class outside MDC Steps Ahead.

Members are not judged by level or height or weight. Dedication, willingness, and capability to dance, improve, and succeed are all one needs to become a dancer with MDC.