Schedule + Pricing & What to wear

Fantasy Fitness Express Prices:
Single Class-$15.00
AB Blaster-$5.99
One-on-One Sessions available (Prices Vary) 
Join our $5 class club:
Fantasy Fitness wants your class experience to be enjoyable and affordable. We have created a $5 club that will discount your costs. Instead of paying $15.00 each class, all of your classes will only cost you $5.00!! Come in and ask to join our $5 club and get your 1st class for FREE. Enrollment fee is $35.00 and that includes one FREE class if sign up at your first class!!
Unlimited 30 Day/Monthly Classes: Serious about Fantasy Fitness? If you are serious about joining our club and want unlimited access to our classes, we offer a 30 day unlimited class pass for 59.99. All classes included with the exception of: Community Classes
Sept 29th @4:30pm: Twerk Class for Dummies
Oct 27th @6:30pm: Toni's Twerk Bday Party
Nov 30th @1:00pm: AfroBeats
Feb 14th @7:00pm: Couples Lap Dance Class
Feb 14th @9:30pm: Couples Sensual Yoga Class
Feb 15th @8:00pm: Couples Latin Dance Workshop
April 11th@1:00pm: AfroBeats
*All Specialty Classes are offered at different prices. Please call to request pricing*
Body Treatments:
  • Full Body Vibration to tone and eliminate cellulite (Body Treatment)
  • Infrared Sauna Detox for weight loss and skin purification (Body Treatment)
  • Cellulite Massage--Is offered as its own procedure or in conjunction with one of the Body Treatments as and add-on
Treatments come in 2 levels of intensity; mild and high frequency. Mild treatments will be 10-15 min long. High Frequency treatments start at 20 min and can increase up to 30 minutes depending on your treatment. Both techniques have marked increase in body aesthetic composition. To make your appointment call: 443-415-0723

*All treatments require full payment. Rescheduling will incur a penalty (must reschedule within 45 days).
All cancellations or no shows will result in a forfeiture of payment*

What to Wear: For most of the classes you will wear normal workout gear. Shorts are suggested for Pole Fit, Heels for Pole dance classes, and sexy attire for Heel Appeal! We also suggest bringing a yoga mat for all classes except Heel Appeal. Knee pads are useful in Heel Appeal, and Twerk Fit.

For additional class info please email:

Mats are suggested. Water is available at the studio

NO OUTSIDE SHOES ARE WORN IN THE STUDIO! You must bring additional shoes to wear in class.


Class Schedule