6 Weeks to Sexy

*NEXT SERIES STARTS SEP, 2019. Registration opens July 2019*
Lap Dance Series
This six (6) week series has been created for adult women to learn the art of Lap dancing by using the Fantasy Fitness Blueprint.  This class has a strong emphasis on both Fitness and Finesse.  This class is for women of all ages and all fitness levels.  You will learn how to find and work that "inner" sexy that's been hiding inside of you !
Hip-Hop in Heels
This six (6) week series has been created for women to learn the art of hip-hop dance but with a HUGE dose of sexy! This is a beginner/intermediate dance class for women who are interested in improving their dance skills and  staying fit!

Twerk Team
This Six week series focuses on the new fad Twerking. This series will teach you how to Twerk. You will also tone your legs and booty. This is a super fun series, and once you have completed your 6 weeks you will be a Master Twerker!!!

Dynamic Divas (45 and Older)
The dance fusion class is for the mature ladies only! Dancing is not just for the younger crowd, Sign up for this series today and start working towards a better you!

*All 6 week to sexy series include: Six 90 min classes, a Fantasy Fitness T-shirt, a meal plan and a ticket to the Series Performance.

** Select from one of the programs, and then call 443-415-0723, or email toni@fantasyfitnessmd.com to register.

**Series classes will be held on Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday evenings, and Saturday Morning/Afternoon**
**During each series all students will work towards an optional performance recital.  All will be encouraged to participate; however participation is not required and will not be forced.

** Enrollment is $49.00 and then the balance of $59.99 is due your 3rd week of class**