Fantasy Fitness currently offers 3 levels of pole









Pole Fit

In addition to these 3 levels of pole Fantasy Fitness also offers a Pole Fit Class.  Pole fit focuses on using the Pole as a toning tool. This class is beneficial to anyone who is interested in becoming familiar with the pole, or simply trying to stay in shape. Pole fitness is guaranteed to give u a workout and burn calories. Its a fun yet challenging class that's for everyone regardless of weight! Shorts are suggested  for all pole classes.

Ab Blaster
This killer 30 minute Ab workout will flatten your stomach area and help shrink that unwanted belly fat. Say Good bye to your muffin top. This is a 30 minute nonstop AB Class that will have you wanting more, and you will also learn moves that you can practice at home. Toned Abs here you come! 
 Heel Appeal
This high energy class will give you the workout of a lifetime, and teach you sexy chair moves at the same time! This studio was built off of this class. Great fun, great moves, and great routines are all included in this fun workout. If you want to have fun, get sexy, and burn some calories, come try a sexy chair fitness class!! You will also learn a step by step routine every week! Heels and leggings or tight pants are suggested for this class.
Polexible aka Pole Yoga
Dim the lights, light some candles and come feel relaxed. Polexible is the new approach to Yoga with a flair. This class was created to improve 
flexibility, develop lean muscle, and stretch out tense muscles. You will relax during this class by incorporating slow stretching techniques while listening to light R&B and jazz music. Come work on getting into that split you've been working towards. The use of the pole will help you become more limber. This class is Beginner friendly. This class is done barefoot.
Twerk It Out (Booty Camp)
THE PEOPLE'S FAVORITE!!! Come Squat it like its hot while toning your legs and glutes. This class 
emphasizes on your back side. Come out and work on exercises that round and lift the booty. This class is a little more fun than the normal Boot Camp, this is Booty Camp where you will learn how to make your Rump Jump! Come check this out!
Pole Beast 
This class is THE BOMB! This is a full body class that focuses on arm strength, and building upper body strength. This is an all levels class but some Pole experience would be helpful. No more flabby arms, or upper back fat. This class focuses on toning the body, and tightening loose areas. Must wear shorts, and bring light hand weights 3lbs suggested!


This class is a  fusion of easy to follow, high cardio hip-hop choreography mixed with targeted toning for arms/legs/glutes, using exercises like plank, push-ups and crunches. This class focuses on repetition and group fitness.  This easy to follow class is for all fitness levels.
Along the way you’ll probably learn a move or two for the club.
Pole Doubles
Everything is better with friends. This Pole class is made for you and a friend. There will be some conditioning and then some fun pole tricks and you and your friend will both be on the pole at the same time. You must have a partner to attend this class.