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Fantasy Fitness Studio and Body Sculpting strives to provide the best and most effective classes for Women. Fantasy Fitness promises to exceed your expectations by offering above-average instructors, and affordable prices . Once you walk in the door you feel right at home, we offer an inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Please be certain that all of the classes offered are for women of ALL ages, shapes, and sizes. No one is judged but everyone in encouraged to join the Fantasy Fitness lifestyle. There are multiple classes to choose from and each class has its niche. Our Express location is more intimate and class instruction is more personal. We promise to provide the best customer service possible. If you're looking for a fun, innovative way to stay liberated, I promise you have found the right place. There's something here for everyone! There are no contracts so if you're ready to make the commitment to a better lifestyle, come out and try Fantasy Fitness Express!!      


Class Reservation Policy: Early registration is HIGHLY suggested.  If you reserve your spot and do not show up you lose the privilege to pre-register for 60 days. 

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Fantasy Fitness Studio

Our Classes

Sample Class

Try our Sample Class for only $7.00. We wants your class experience to be enjoyable and affordable. This is an one time introduction to all our Fantasy Fitness classes. 

This class is:

Monday @6:15pm

Pole Abs

This killer 30 minute Ab workout will flatten your stomach and help shrink that unwanted belly fat. Say Good bye to your muffin top. This is a 30 minute nonstop AB Class that will have you wanting more, and you will also learn moves that you can practice at home. Challenge yourself each class and slowly start to see your Ab muscles developing.

This class is:

Monday @7:00pm

Thursday @6:00pm

Pole Fitness

Come use the pole as a toning tool. This class will help with developing strength and toning.

This class is:

Saturday @ 12:00pm

Sunday @ 9:30am

Pole Pilates 

 This fusion could provide a full-body workout that combines the strength and grace of pole dancing with the core-strengthening and flexibility benefits of Pilates.

This class is:

Wednesday @ 8:00pm

Friday @ 6:20pm

Pole Yoga

Looking to de-stress, develop flexibility, or try a new alternative to yoga? Pole yoga does all of that plus the pole assists with balance

This class is:

Monday @ 7:30pm

Pole Dancing

1st Timer, haven't practiced in a while? Come build your strength and basic fundamentals of pole dance to get you to the higher levels :) 

This class is:

Thursday @ 6:45pm

Pole Dancing

This energetic pole dancing class is designed for those who have some experience with pole dancing and want to take their skills to the next level. Whether you're looking to improve your strength, flexibility, or just have a great time, this class is perfect for you. Don't miss out on the chance to level up your pole dancing skills and have a blast while doing it

This class is:

Tuesday @ 6:15pm

Pole Dancing 

No Beginners students allowed in Advance class. This class is for Students who have great core strength and are advanced in their spins, climbs, and inversion techniques.

Booty Camp


Come Squat it like its hot while toning your legs and glutes. This class emphasizes on your back side. Come out and work on exercises that round and lift the booty. This class is a little more fun than the normal Boot Camp, this is Booty Camp where you will learn how to make your Rump Jump! Come check this out! For an alternative to booty camp try Twerk Fit. In Twerk Fit you will learn twerk moves and a routine you can take home with you.

This class is:

Wednesday @ 7:00pm

Heel Appeal

Join US for a fun and sexy dance class where you can learn to walk and dance in heels. This in-person event is the perfect opportunity to let loose, have fun, and learn some new moves. No experience is necessary, just bring your favorite pair of heels and get ready to dance. (Heels are not mandatory)


This class is:

Thursdays @7:30pm

Twerk Fit

Learn to twerk your butts off! ! Excellent exercise tons of fun dancing to creative Choreography. Bounce bounce bounce till you can't bounce no more! Get ready to burn some calories the fun way. Dance your heart out :)

This class is:

Tuesday @ 7pm

Chair Fit

Searching for a fun, effective workout that doesn’t require running laps or throwing your body to the ground? We have just the thing! Chair Fit will introduce you to a variety of fun, effective workouts that you can do from start to finish from the comfort of your chair.

This class is:

Thursdays @ 6:15pm

Schedule & Pricing

Single Class- $20.00 (Drop-In)

Pole Abs, Pole Fit - $16.00 (Drop -In)

10 Classes or 30 Day Monthly - $95.00  

One-on-One Sessions: 

    $79.00 (1 Session)

    $222.00 for 3 Classes


Try our Sample Class for only $7.00:  Fantasy Fitness wants your class experience to be enjoyable and affordable. This is an one time introduction to all our Fantasy Fitness classes.

Unlimited 30 Day/Monthly Classes: Serious about Fantasy Fitness? If you are serious about joining our club and want unlimited access to our classes, we offer a 30 day unlimited class pass for $95.00.

What to Wear: For most of the classes you will wear normal workout gear. Shorts are suggested for Pole Fit, Heels for Pole dance classes, and sexy attire for Heel Appeal! We also suggest bringing a yoga mat for all classes except Heel Appeal. Knee pads are useful in Heel Appeal, and Twerk Fit.  NO OUTSIDE SHOES ARE WORN IN THE STUDIO! You must bring additional shoes to wear in class.


Mats are suggested. Water is available at the studio.

For additional class info please email:

Body Treatments

Body Treatments:

  • Full Body Vibration to tone and eliminate cellulite (Body Treatment)

  • Infrared Sauna Detox for weight loss and skin purification (Body Treatment)

  • Cellulite Massage--Is offered as its own procedure or in conjunction with one of the Body Treatments as and add-on

  • Post-Op Massage and Aftercare for clients that recently had cosmetic/plastic surgery.


To make your appointment, email

*All treatments require full payment. Rescheduling will incur a penalty (must reschedule within 45 days). All cancellations or no shows will result in a forfeiture of payment*

Get in Touch With Toni

6322 Windsor Mill Rd

Baltimore, MD 21207

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Thank you for reaching out to the Fantasy Fitness Team. We will reach out to you within 48hrs.

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