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Fantasy Fitness Studio

Instructor Training


Do you think you have what it takes?

Teaching Dance/Fitness has many rewards. For example, you will always be in great shape. Essentially, you will be compensated for doing what we all want to do,and that is  STAY FIT! Instructor training will be held twice a week for 4 consecutive weeks. The goal is to reach instructor status and ultimately be hired by Fantasy Fitness. Certifications come in 3 categories: Twerk Fit, Heel Master, and Professional Pole Instructor. If you are not hired, you will still have gained the skills and certificate to teach elsewhere.


Twerk Fit Certification Cost: $359.00

Heels Master Instructor Cost: $399.00

Pole Instructor Certification Cost: $599.00


*Instructor Certifications are Bi-Annually

*All Certifications come with a handbook, t-shirt, 8 classes, training equipment, and more!

*Payment Installments are available

*Make your money back in less than a month. Financial Example: $10/pp and 10 ppl come to a class that's $100/class.


For additional class info please email:

Fantasy Fitness has a high standard for their instructors. Instructors  must have a level of professionalism, timeliness, and be quality instructors

Meet Toni

Toni has been teaching the art of dance for over 10 years. Her passion stemmed from her professional dance background. Toni has taught in multiple states and has created a name for herself throughout the years. She has multiple degrees and certifications that she has also accomplished. Light at heart, filled with energy, and staying educated on fitness Toni makes sure all of her classes are fun, innovative, and geared toward seeing results! Come out try her class, You wont be disappointed!

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