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Party Packages


What We

The D' Riding Class

Starting at $750


*This fun 1-1.5 hr class is a private option of the VIRAL Riding For Rookies Class. Gather your group of girls together for a fun night of classes and pillow humping. 

Girls Night In (Mobile)

Starting at $399

This is the mobile version of Sexy in the Studio. Party is 1-1.5 hours long

*includes travel w/in Baltimore city, and Baltimore County.

**An additional travel fee will be added for services outside of Baltimore

Twerk It Out

Starting at $379

Lets face it, we all want to Twerk. What better way than to get with your girls and make it a fun night of dancing, games, and refreshments. This party can be done in the studio or off-site. You will learn all the newest twerk moves, play interactive games and have fun making your rump jump!! Party is 1.5 hours long

Pandora's Box

Starting at $749

This party is 2-2.5 hours of non-stop fun.  The first hour is a Pole/Lap Dance Party, followed by a performance from one of the best Male Exotic Dancers,  Games, and Social time are also included in this package!

Milestone Memory

Starting at $499

Have you reached a Milestone turning 21, 30, 40, 50,or even 60? This calls for a celebration this: Pole/Chair Combination party that includes games, and 1 dozen cupcakes during your social time for you and your guests! If you want infused cupcakes add +15.00 to complete this package. Party is 1.5-2 hours long

All Things Exotic

Starting at $1199

 It doesn't get any better than this.  You'll experience a night of ALL things Exotic: Sexy in the studio,  A Toy Party, A Bedroom Etiquette Party, and A Male Dancer of your choice. Party is 4-5 hours long

Sexy In The Studio 

Starting at $349

This is a basic Lap dance party. The first 30 minutes is social time and the remaining hour is a fun chair lesson.  You will be able to take home some new moves with this party! This party comes with fun games, and a sexy dance lesson. Please feel free to bring a Cake and refreshments!

Party is 1.5 hours long (scroll below for the mobile version of this party)

Pole Princess

Starting at $399

Get your girls together for this in studio Pole Party! If you've ever wanted to try Pole dancing with your girls this party is a great choice! You will learn Sexy Beginner Pole moves in a private room with you and your group! Not so beginner, we can throw in some flips, and maybe a pole climb if you're feeling up to the challenge. There will be games, and lots of sexiness. Wear shorts, or leotards for his party, and remember to tell your guests no lotions or oils for this party! Party is 1.5 hours long!

Bedroom Etiquette

Starting at $500

This is 1 hour of Hot Sex Topics.  A 30 min Q & A session in which you will (anonymously) put questions in a box and each question will be addressed and answered by a sex expert. The remaining time will be a Fellatio (BJ) class in which you will learn a new set of tricks. Bring a banana, a cucumber, or pickle and get ready to take home and show your new techniques. If desired, this party can be Co-ed! Party is 1 hour long.

Twerk Toys N' Talk

Starting at $625

Get the ladies together to celebrate over an evening of Twerk lessons, a Toy party, and sex talk.

This party combines the Bedroom Etiquette party, w/ a twist of Twerkin' and a Toy party hosted by an awesome toy rep. Party is 3 hours long.

Pole Play Your Way

Starting at $699

 (Mobile Pole Party)

This party allows us to bring the Pole fun to you. Want to stay in the comfort of your own home, hotel room, or your own private venue we can bring the Pole to you.


Deposits are Non-Refundable

*** Party packages include up to 10 women for the listed price. Additional women may attend, but there will be a small fee if your party is over 10 women.


*** You can add an additional 30 minutes of social time to your party for a small fee


*** Female dancers are available for an additional fee. Please call for rates

***Like your service?  Feel free to tip your Instructor for her above average service***


(All canceled parties will be charged 50% of full party costs)


All dancers will remain in their sexy dance apparel at all times. Entertainment purposes only.


*Date changes will incur a $70 date change fee*

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